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We are determined to make the Living Composers Catalog the number one resource on the Internet for music by today's composers. But we know we can't do it alone. Help us out by listing the compositions by living composers from your catalog in our database, and we'll help you out by sending business your way. As performers, music retailers, schools and music libraries access our database and find your compositions listed, we'll let them know how to contact you and order copies of the music. It's a win-win situation.

We've gone out of our way to make it easier for you to submit your catalog of works to our database.

Resources available:

What is this going to cost? That depends on your level of involvement. Our first tier - a basic listing complete with all the basic statistics for all of your works will always be FREE. Why? We are collecting this information as part of our ongoing research efforts at Quest Haven Publishing anyway. We may very well post basic listings of your works on our site on our own initiative through our research efforts anyway, but if you send that information to us, it will make our efforts that much easier.

Of course, maintaining this site is not without its costs, and our researchers put in lots lots of hours in our efforts to make this site useful to the many music students, teachers and professionals who visit it. You can help us fund these efforts by choosing some of our for-a-fee options or increasing your level of participation in The Living Composers Catalog.

Our per-composer rates can be found on our For Living Composers pricing page. However, we've also come up with some special rates for publishing companies that handle several composers and choose to list larger quantities of works than the typical self-publishing composer. These special "bulk" rates are available for a limited time as an incentive to help us build up our database. Take advantage of this opportunity now, while these great rates are still available.

Involvement in the LCC is designed in four tiers:

Tier I - Internet Listing

Already mentioned above, the first level of involvement in the LCC is a listing of your works in our Internet database. This is a simple listing - including basic statistics about each work and your contact information so that customers can contact you to purchase a score and parts.

This level of participation is FREE. You can register an UNLIMITED number of works in The Living Composers Catalog at no cost.

Options: For an additional charge we will include cover art, sample score/part pages and/or streaming audio of your work with your listing. about our bulk rates for these options. These options add value to your listing, because they help visitors to the site become more familiar with each piece of music and increase the chances that they will be interested in purchasing it.

Look at a sample listing

Tier II - Internet Listing and Print Catalog

Quest Haven Publishing produces a print version of the Living Composers Catalog on a quarterly basis*. This catalog is mailed to clients and potential clients including music retailers, performers, schools, music libraries and other interested parties who request a copy.

Cost per quarter: $180 for the first 40 works (from at least 5 different composers), $3 for each additional work.

Limited Time Special: Participation in the print catalog includes an Internet listing for each work, plus a BONUS - one FREE option included with this listing. (See Tier I for available options. Free streaming audio option limited to a 60-second clip and does not include set-up fee for file conversion to a streamable format.)

*Note: Release of print catalog requires a minimum number of participants.

Tier III - Distribution by Quest Haven Publishing

Not yet available. When available, Quest Haven Publishing will handle orders and distribution for participants. Participants will provide Quest Haven with published copies of their music for distribution. Quest Haven will then accept orders over the Internet and through the print catalog. Will require Tier II participation + a small percentage of each sale.

Tier IV - Publication and Distribution by Quest Haven Publishing

This does not apply to works published by other publishers.

Other Resources Available to Participating Publishers

Become an Associated Publisher or a Featured Associated Publisher and receive special mention as a sponsor of the site. .

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