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How are you going to get someone to pay money for your music if they have never heard it? Without the sound, your music is just pretty dots on a page with a title and the composer's name. That name might be good enough to guarantee some sales if your name is Philip Glass, but most composers - even very talented ones - have not become so famous that their name alone will bring about lots of sales.

Customers will be able to hear your music, however - that is if you post it on the Internet. Okay, maybe they could hear a performance of it somewhere else and decide they want to play it, but on the Internet your audience is much wider. People who might never have been able to attend that concert in San Jose still can hear a recording of it if you post it on the web. We've changed our pricing structure to give you greater control over the length and audio quality of the sound files you post with your listings by basing your cost on the size of the file posted. Your audio files may be in any downloadable format including MP3, WMA and RealAudio. You may also post multiple files within your allotted space (for example two .5 MB files instead of one 1.0 MB file) and spread out the cost between two or more works posted.

Cost (per year):

1st Megabyte (approx. 60-second file at 96 kbps) = $9.00

Each additional 1/2 Megabyte = $3.50

One-time set-up fee (per file) if conversion to a downloadable format is necessary (we will give you copies of the files) = $12.00

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