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The Living Composers Catalog (LCC) was created to give today's composers access to greater exposure and distribution for their works. The principal requirement to have your works included in the catalog, not surprisingly, is that you must be alive. We assume that if you are a composer and you are reading this, you most likely meet that requirement.

Involvement in the LCC is designed in four tiers:

Tier I - Internet Listing

The first level of involvement in the LCC is a listing of your works in our Internet database. This is a simple listing - including basic statistics about each work and your contact information so that customers can contact you to purchase a score and parts.

Our goal is to keep the basic Internet listing as a free service as part of our research efforts at Quest Haven Publishing.

Options: For a fee, we will include cover art, sample score/part pages and/or streaming audio of your work with your listing. These options add value to your listing, because they help visitors to the site become more familiar with your work and increase the chances that they will be interested in purchasing it.

Look at a sample listing

Tier II - Internet Listing and Print Catalog

Quest Haven Publishing produces a print version of the Living Composers Catalog on a quarterly basis*. This catalog is mailed to clients and potential clients including music retailers, performers, schools, music libraries and other interested parties who request a copy.

Cost per quarter: $40 for the first 8 works, $3 for each additional work.

Limited Time Special: Participation in the print catalog includes an Internet listing for each work, plus a BONUS - one FREE option included with this listing. (See Tier I for available options. Free streaming audio option limited to the 1st MB and does not include set-up fee for audio file conversion to a downloadable format.)

*Note: Release of print catalog requires minimum 25 participants.

Tier III - Distribution by Quest Haven Publishing

Not yet available. When available, Quest Haven Publishing will handle orders and distribution for participants. Participants will provide Quest Haven with published copies of their music for distribution. Quest Haven will then accept orders over the Internet and through the print catalog. Additional possibilities including distributing downloadable format sheet music over the Internet. It is anticipated that the pricing structure for Tier III will involve Tier II participation + a small percentage of each sale.

Tier IV - Publication and Distribution by Quest Haven Publishing

Some of the works listed in the LCC are published and distributed by Quest Haven Publishing. If you would like to avoid the hassle of self-publication and distribution, you may submit your work to be considered for publication by Quest Haven. Quest Haven handles promotion and distribution of works which we publish. If selected for publication by Quest Haven, you will not need to register your work in the LCC.

How to Begin

The first step is to fill out our publisher information form. This form will ask some basic questions about you (or your publishing company) which will be used to help your customers to contact you.

After you have filled out the publisher information form, you can immediately begin to register your compositions in the LCC. We ask that you only register a composition in the LCC when you are ready to take orders for that composition. Once your music is listed on the web, you need to be ready to fill any orders you receive. If you take too long to respond to a request for music, it not only gives the impression that you are unreliable, but it also damages the reputation we are trying to establish for the Living Composers Catalog as a premium resource for new music. This reputation will benefit you and the other participants as more people use the LCC, so we ask for your cooperation in helping maintain it.

It may take us a few days, but we will e-mail you to let you know when each composition has been posted on our site. We will also give you the URL of your composition's web page so that you can send your contacts there to check out your listing. If there are any charges involved with your submission, we will also let you know how you can pay them.

We work very hard to promote the Living Composers Catalog (and consequently any works which you have listed), but the best promotion a web site can have is via word-of-mouth. Please let your composer and performer friends know about the Living Composers Catalog. As more people find out about what we are trying to accomplish here and as more people participate in the Living Composers Catalog, the catalog will get stronger and become a better resource for composers and anyone in the music community who is interested in today's music. Each introduction of a new person to the LCC benefits all of its participants. Thank you for your help.

Quest Haven

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