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"You can't judge a book by its cover." Yet every day people do just that. It's a fact that a book in a nice, high-quality, 4-color cover will outsell that same book clothed in a lesser cover. So it stands to reason that displaying the cover of your music with its listing can improve the effectiveness of your listing.

Sample CoverA sample cover

If you choose to post cover art with your listing, we will ask you to send us a file with the image you wish to post. We will also give you instructions regarding payment at that time.

Cost (per year):

Small image (approx. 130 pixels by 100 pixels) = $0.50

Large image (approx. 520 pixels by 400 pixels) = $1.20
(a small image is included in this price)

PDF format cover = $1.20

We will resize your image to fit these approximate specifications - maintaining the height to width ratio. Small images will be included on the page with the listing for your work. Large images will be on a separate page, with a link from your listing. Scanning services are available for a fee if you are unable to send your cover art in digital form.

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