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Submitting a Work for Publication Consideration

Quest Haven Publishing's catalog is constantly growing and changing. We are currently accepting submissions of works for publication. To submit a work for our consideration, first fill out our publication submission form. We will then contact you within a few days to discuss your work with you and to let you know where you can send your materials.

We ask that before you submit a work for our consideration, the work be publication ready. What this means is that the composition is complete - needing no more revisions before it is published. We do not require that you submit a computer file from a music scoring program, such as Finale or Sibelius - although if we do publish your work, if you are able to provide such a file, in most cases it will cut down on our set-up costs, which will allow us to pay you a larger royalty in turn.

Submission of a recording of a performance of your work along with the score is encouraged, although not required.

If we choose not to publish your work, it is not necessarily a reflection on the quality of your piece. Nor does a decision to not publish a work preclude that work from being included in the Living Composers Catalog.

We at Quest Haven Publishing take pride in the detail and quality of our publications. It is our policy that each piece of music will not be sent to the presses until the proofs meet the full approval of both the composer and Quest Haven's management. We look forward to becoming acquainted with your work. Good luck!

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